Low Pressure Wash

Your home’s exteriors should be washed every 12-24 months to remove the regular accumulation of green and black mold, mildew, loose dirt, dust, spider webs, etc.

Washing a house is better described as a soft-pressure chemical rinse. This process kills the roots of the organic matter that grows on your siding and provides a longer-lasting clean.

To protect your house and other delicate surfaces, very little pressure is used. This process – called Soft Washing – is comparable to the pressure that comes from your garden hose, with more volume. A soapy cleaning solution cleans the home’s exterior and inhibits organic growth such as unsightly algae, mold and mildew. This process keeps your home cleaner for up to 4 times longer than pressure washing with water alone.

Most importantly, Soft Washing presents no risk of siding damage. Don’t join the ranks of other Louisville-area homeowners who have discovered the hard way that high-pressure power washing methods and delicate home siding do not mix! Total Property Solutions’ Soft Washing method is 100% safe for all types of siding and will not cause damange to your home or landscape.

This procedure can also be used on wooden items like play sets, patio furniture, fences and decks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our commercial and residential pressure washing services. To ensure you are happy with the results, we guarantee it. We will not leave your property until you are completely satisfied, and if you’re not available during the appointment, no problem; we will return to make it right.